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SonicMind Production are Sydney-based sound engineers. We provide Sound production services such as:

  • LIVE:

- Live sound/ PA System Hire
We provide speakers, sub-woofers, mixer, microphone and everything you would need for live sound production. We can provide PA system from small gigs to big ones. We have experienced sound engineers from someone who does live sound for international bands to a TV broadcast engineer.

- Sound Engineer/operator for equipment operation.

- Live Recording

- We can also outsource bands if required for events such as weddings.

We predominantly use QSC speakers and Subs for live sound production.


- Recording: We can provide recording services with semi-professional gears. These are some of the gears we have:
- Apogee Ensemble (Audio interface)
- SPL Mixdream XP (Analog Summing)
- Avalon VT737 (Preamp/ Compressor/ EQ unit)
- Axe FXII
- Access Virus TI 61 (Synthesizer)
- Condenser mics which includes brands such as AKG, Blue, Neumann, Peluso and Shure
- Musical Instruments: Electric guitars (ESP, Gibson, Fender, Duesenber), Bass (Fender Jazz Bass), Electric Drum Kit (Yamaha DTX700) which is used to control BFD drums, Mesa Boogie Road King II Amplifier and others.

- Mixing Music or Film:
We have experienced engineers that worked in a TV station in Indonesia for a couple of years knowing the industry standards.

- Sound Design for videos, TV or radio commercials, short movies.

- Music composition (backing track) services for video, short movie, radio commercials or for other commercial use.

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