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Listening Exercises with Indonesian Language Consultancy

Listening has arguably been the most difficult part of learning Indonesian. Even people who have learnt the language for years still find it hard to get it right. So it's highly essential to start tackling it from the early stage.

If you're an Indonesian teacher at school and you've found this issue as well, you might want to consider using Indonesian Language Consultancy's (ILC) Listening Exercises and Materials in your classroom.

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Drawing from the experience of its founder, ILC aims to serve the need for comprehensive Indonesian listening materials that can be used as supporting materials to your current curriculum.

ILC aims to release listening exercises and materials for all levels in the next 5 years: Beginner (2014-Released), Pre-Intermediate (2015), Intermediate (2016), Advanced (2017) and Colloquial (2018)

Indonesian teachers who have been involved with Suara Indonesia can download the first 5 chapters of Indonesian BEGINNERS listening exercises and materials (e-book) to be used in their classrooms for FREE.

How to claim this offer:

  • Visit this link:
  • Click "Add to Cart"
  • Enter the coupon code: "suarailcpromo2015" & click "Proceed to Checkout"
  • Fill in your details and click "Place your Order"
  • The download link will be sent to your email (the link is located under the section called "Product" your order confirmation email).

Important Note:

If you're interested in using the whole book (20 chapters) as a part of your curriculum, you can contact us at to discuss further.

Please see below for the sample of our book chapters:

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